Client Testimonials

"One of the top photographers in Orange County, CA. She makes families feel so at ease and comfortable during the sessions, and then she takes the time to make the pictures perfect! Would recommend in a heartbeat!"  J.S.

"Janelle’s business may be called “Blessed Seasons” but it may as well be called “Blessed Subjects” because that is how I feel! Utterly blessed to have had (1) so much fun with my family while taking pictures (genuine laughter happening during the photo shoot folks!) and (2) now we have countless shots that I will treasure forever! From individual shots of my children, to group shots of the three of them, to shots of just my hubby and me, and of course everyone in the family. What a blessing to have these images forever!"   J.C.

"Not only had she taken AMAZING photos of our family, she has also taken all of our business photos for our website and social media. Anyone can snap a photo but Janelle L. Hall has a gift for capturing moments that evoke an authentic feeling. If Janelle was available when we got married, I would have wanted her (and her daughter) to shoot our wedding. That’s how inspired we have been by her photography!"  R.S.

"Because we’re not professionals, we have NO idea what to do when having our picture taken and typically this leads to very awkward photos with tired smiles as we second guess every move we make and think to ourselves, “is this going to look as awkward as it feels?!?” Janelle was somehow able to seemingly read our minds and would chime it at just the right time with guiding phrases like, “why don’t you try your right hand in your pocket?” “OK, now lean toward me just a little... perfect!” “Now steal a glance at one another”... “OK kids, funny face time!”. I was SO THANKFUL that she gave us direction but that it was never to create a stiff or structured looking photo, but a natural one that made every member of our family smile their best smiles."   S.M.

"The images Janelle delivered are worth every penny spent! They are beautiful memories of a season of time in my life. Janelle has taken our portraits four times, and each set of images captures our life and relationships in a unique way. I love looking at the pictures Janelle has taken of my family."   R.G.

"Janelle is such a great people person. She knows how to get the best out of her "subjects" by interacting with them and being silly with them. My pre-teens LOVED posing for Janelle because she made them feel like "superstars"!"   L.L.

"I loved that one of my best friends was taking my picture. Janelle is not only my photographer, but she is also someone I know, someone I trusted, and someone I respected. I knew she was going to capture my best angle because she cares about me. Whether she is your friend or not, Janelle is a quality individual, someone who has an amazing work ethic and simply wants to spread beauty through her art. Her images exemplify this, and you know you are in good hands when you hire her to be your photographer."   R.G.